New Business

Agri-bio business

Revitalize Japanese agriculture!

We work every day with a vision of a combination of agri-technology and biotechnology, which is rare in Japan, to develop a unique agricultural model and revitalize Japanese agriculture. We are trying many different things. Examples include the first full-scale cultivation of summer strawberries in Kagawa and the improvement of their cultivar, the cultivation of mushrooms and the discovery of useful microorganisms among the countless microorganisms living in the soil. In particular, the research on microorganisms involves the use of new strains that have been discovered and has produced results such as increased revenue from produce, the stimulation of the growth of produce and an increase of functional ingredients, among other achievements. A closed school has served as our laboratory since April 2022. Having such a wonderful location makes it possible to create inventive ideas. Our pursuit continues.

Food business

We connect with local communities.

COVID has forced people in Japan to change their lifestyles amid the mountainous pile of challenges that must be addressed, such as the improvement of food self-sufficiency, the reduction of food loss and the resolution of plastics issues. Sensing change at an early stage, we will offer new models, services and products leveraging the uniqueness and regional characteristics of the Seto Inland Sea and contribute to local communities and societies in an era characterized by coexistence with COVID.