Site Policy

Visitors to the website of SETOLAS Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) are asked to be aware of the following:

1. Disclaimer

  1. While the Company takes the utmost care and caution in uploading on its web server information to be published on this website, there may be circumstances where the contents of the information are not accurate.
  2. The Company does not guarantee that the information published on this website is the most up-to-date information.
  3. Where necessary, contents and URLs on this website may be changed or deleted without notice.
  4. Where necessary, provision of information on this website may be suspended or terminated without notice.
  5. This website may contain links to third party websites. Such websites are operated by third parties, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the contents of such websites.
  6. For the reasons given in the previous paragraphs, the Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss you may incur as a result of using this website.

2. Copyrights to the Contents

  1. Copyrights to the contents (information, images, photographs, etc.) of this website are, unless separately indicated, the properties of the Company or the SETOLAS Group (hereinafter the “Group”).
  2. Aside from personal use and other cases legally and explicitly permitted, it is prohibited to use such information (including reproduction, transmission, distribution, modification, sale, publishing, diversion, and posting) without prior approval of the Company.
  3. For trademarks and copyrights owned by third parties such as third party trademarks and software, please observe the terms of use or permission of each such party.

3. The Following Acts are Prohibited on this Website

  1. Alteration, modification, or deletion of contents.
  2. Provision of harmful programs.
  3. Acts that cause or may cause disbenefit or loss of credibility to the Company and the Group.

4. Links to this Website

If providing links to this website, please do so to the top page of the website, as the URLs of the other pages are subject to change without notice.
We do not accept links from websites that the Company deems may be harmful to the business or reputation of the Company, such as those containing contents contrary to public order and morals or libelous content.  The Company assumes no responsibility for websites with links to this website.

5. Proposals, etc.

The Company generally does not accept any unsolicited creative ideas or proposals (including for new products, technology, designs, or marketing ideas, memos, drawings, concepts, etc.) or related material through this website.
Please be aware that the Company bears no confidentiality obligation on proposals and related material that you may provide through this website.
In addition, the Company and the Group shall bear no responsibility to the person submitting the proposal, such as payment of compensation, even if the Company or the Group adopts an idea identical or similar, in part or in full, to the proposal.

6. Privacy Policy

Users of this website may be asked to provide personal information to the extent necessary when making requests for material or inquiries to the Company and the Group. Acquired personal information will be handled in accordance with the Company’s “Privacy Policyand in principle shall not be disclosed to third parties without approval from the user.

7. Downloading Software

Users downloading software from websites linked by this website are requested to observe the terms of use of the downloaded software. The Company assumes no responsibility for the downloading and use of such software.

8. Governing Law

The use of this website, and the interpretation and application of this Site Policy are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless stipulated otherwise.

  • ※The contents of this Site Policy are subject to changes from time to time. The Company encourages users to periodically review the Company’s Site Policy.