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Kyowa Chemical Industry purified magnesium (Mg) derived from seawater from the Seto Inland Sea and developed, manufactured and marketed products in many different fields. The company was reorganized on October 1, 2022 and SETOLAS Holdings, Inc. (SETOLAS HD), a holding company, was founded.
SETOLAS is a combination of “SETO” from Seto Inland Sea and “LAS” from Atlas, the Greek mythological god that supports the Earth. The name conveys the strong wish to enable the company, which has grown using the blessings of the Seto Inland Sea (magnesium), grow capable of disseminating many different technologies and businesses, etc. all over the world.

To date, kyowa chemical industry has dealt in the active pharmaceutical ingredients of chemicals (e.g. resin additives, APIs of medicinal products) and medical products (pharmaceutical products for medical use). They have been transferred to Kyowa Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., and Magmitt Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., respectively. As a holding company, SETOLAS HD handles these business strategies that are designed to both meet the rapid change of the times and enable the new company to pursue greater growth.
The five overseas subsidiaries based in the Netherlands, the United States, China and Singapore and SETOLAS Foodtech Co., Ltd. (former trade name: Kisuma Food Service Co., Ltd.), a company that operates a food business in Japan, are affiliated with SETOLAS HD.
The basic research & development division, Technical Center and Intellectual Properties Department remain within SETOLAS HD and support the operations of all affiliates of SETOLAS HD including the companies operating overseas. They will serve as the engine for growth opening up unexploited business domains for the future. As part of the plan, the Innovation Center will be established in Sakaide in 2024 as the strength of SETOLAS HD increases. Currently we are working on agricultural biotechnology, which will be further expanded as a new business of SETOLAS HD.

Having originated near the Seto Inland Sea, kyowa chemical industry has evolved into SETOLAS HD and is opening new business domains alongside existing businesses in pursuit of an enriched, eco-friendly Earth. As the SETOLAS Holdings Group, we will join likeminded colleagues from within and outside the country and embark on the pursuit of a better future as our slogan, “Global One Team,” says.

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