Core Competence


Our Group company Kyowa Chemical Industry became the first in the world successful in the industrial synthesis of hydrotalcite. Hydrotalcites are known as anion adsorbents. In addition, as the constituent elements and their ratios have a wide range, various physical properties can be imparted by changing these parameters. With these features, we are developing a wide range of applications, including lead-free stabilizers for PVC resin, greenhouse films for agriculture, ion trapping agents for semiconductor encapsulants and ion adsorbents for water treatment.

Particle shape control technology

We have refined our technology to control particle shape to solve diverse needs. The size can be controlled from tens of nm to several micrometers. We can also change the shape into various forms such as plate, sphere, and needle.

Hydrotalcites × Particle shape control technology

We can synthesize hydrotalcite in various shapes. We can control the size of the particles from a few tens of nanometers to a few microns in a flat shape. We design a wide variety of particles for various applications.